• Understanding Product Condition

    Described as 'Used Good,' these items exhibit signs of use, such as visible scuffs, scratches, and minor dings or dents. The original box and packaging are not included, but TTTronics.com repackages the item to ensure safe transport. The product is equipped with the original or replacement scoop, water side tank, and water filter. The inclusion of other accessories is variable. Rigorous testing has been conducted to verify the absence of electrical issues, and the item's functionality meets the manufacturer's specifications.

  • Handling Time. Why? (5-7 Days) For Used Nugget Ice Maker?

    Kindly note that a handling time of 5-7 days is required before pickup, delivery or shipping this item. Our commitment to quality over quantity means we meticulously prepare each used nugget ice maker for optimal performance. While we process all used items in our warehouse, there is a possibility that orders may ship earlier than the stipulated time frame. You'll be promptly notified when your order is ready for pickup, shipping, or local delivery. Learn More Below.

  • Warranty (90 Day Warranty Included)

    THE WARRANTY: No Cash Value This limited warranty covers the functionality of products within our consumer electronic category which includes the following: AC units, Ice makers and Mini Fridges. Warranty Limitation: Product warranty will be null and void if: The product is physically damaged (outside of the described imperfection/defects) after curbside pickup, delivery, or shipping has been successfully fulfilled. The product is physically altered, modified, and/ordisassembled. Warranty does not cover: damage caused by a natural disaster or any other catastrophic event,normal wear and tear, dissatisfaction due to buyer’s remorse, any condition resulting from improper care or maintenance, damage caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, accidents, damage incurred during transportation while in care of purchaser – also includes any third party. Warranty Coverage: 30, 60, 90 Day: 30 Day Warranty: This warranty option becomes effective on thedate of purchase and expires 30 days from the invoice/receipt date. 60 Day Warranty: This warranty option becomes effective on the date of purchase and expires 60 days from the invoice/receipt date. 90 Day Warranty: This warranty option becomes effective on the date of purchase and expires 90 days from the invoice/receipt date. 1 Year Warranty: This warranty option becomes effective on the date of purchase and expires 365 days from the invoice/receipt date. EXERCISING WARRANTY: To exercise this warranty, please complete the online warrantyform on TTTronics.com. The customer will be notified within 48 hours of the approval status. If the warranty claim is denied the item can not be exchanged. Upon receiving approval, the item can be returned to our warehouse at 2100S. Great Southwest Pkwy, Suite 407, Grand Prairie, TX 75051. Only items with an approval status can be returned to the TTTronics.com warehouse for exchange. For Shipping Orders: Once approved, TTTronics.com will furnish afree return shipping label for the returning product and cover shipping costs for the replacement item. Please returnonly the main unit as accessories will not be provided as replacements. Once the item has been received by our warehouse allow 5-7 business days for an inspection and the preparation of a replacement item. Once the warranty processing is completed tracking information will be provided and the item will be shipped to the customer. For Local Orders: Approval for warranty returns must be obtained before returning an item for exchange. Upon approval,please allow 5-7 business days for the warranty process to be completed. Customers will receive a notification when the replacement item is ready for pickup. Upon drop off, please allow 1 hour for the inspection of the returned item. Please return only the main unit as accessories will not be provided as replacements. TTTronics.com services and fulfills this warranty by providing a replacement unit. In the event that a replacement unit is unavailable, an alternative product may be selected. Customers also have the option to upgrade the product and pay the price difference.

  • Understanding Pricing

    Our pricing reflects the condition of each item, resulting in four listings for every product and model on our site. These categories are Open Box New, Used Like New, Used Good, and Used Good With Cosmetic Imperfection. Among these, Open Box New represents the highest priced product within the condition group, while Used Good With Cosmetic Imperfections is the most affordable option. Promotions may alter pricing by condition.

Shop Open Box/ Scratch & Dent With Confidence While Saving Big!
Our stringent 3-point inspection process guarantees top-notch quality, optimal functionality, and substantial savings! Rest assured, all items we sell are original manufacturer's equipment. If your purchase doesn't meet expectations, simply return it for a full refund—no questions asked. (Applies to website purchases only; refer to our return policy for details.

** GE Profile - Opal 2.0 38-lb. Portable Ice maker with Nugget Ice Production, Side Tank and Built-in WiFi - Stainless steel

Save $155.00

Condition: Used Good Condition

Sale price$194.99 Regular price$349.99


Product Details Brand: GE Inspection Notes. Ships/Leaves Warehouse Within 5-7 Days.
Disclosure:  The photos listed in this product offering best represent the condition of the unit you will receive and are not the photos of your actual unit. 



All items are tech inspected for proper functionality. Products sold on our website work according to its original manufacturing purpose. All ice makers produce ice properly. Defects are cosmetic and do not affect functionality. Maintenance: Overall very clean unit. Unit has been cleaned and descaled. We recommend you clean additionally upon purchase. Please follow the GE guidelines. 


Used Good: Items classified as 'Used Good' indicate a used condition with visible signs of wear, including scuffs, scratches, and minor dings or dents. The original box and packaging are absent, and TTTronics.com repackages the item for secure transportation. This product comes with the original or replacement scoop, water side tank, and water filter. Other accessories may or may not be included. The item has undergone testing to ensure there are not any electrical issues, and its functionality aligns with the manufacturer's specifications

Body & Door/Lid

Typically has visible scuffs/scratches with no dents

Side Tank 

Typically has visible scuffs/scratches, may include a small ding or dent



Ice Production

38 Lbs Per Day, Nugget Ice


Includes an original or replacement scoop, water filter and stopper. 


Manual Not Included

Digital Owner's Manual: Download Here



Nugget Ice. Pellet ice. Drive-in ice. Whatever you call it, you know it's "the good ice." Now that chewable ice is available from the convenience of your countertop with the Opal 2.0 Ice Maker. It is capable of producing up to 38 lbs. of ice in 24 hours and stores up to 3 lbs. of ice at one time. The Opal 2.0 Ice Maker has WiFi connection capability and comes with the side tank attachment for 3x more ice production.

  • Rapid Production

    Begin enjoying your first batch of ice in 10 minutes or less, with 1.6 pounds of ice produced per hour

  • Opal Nugget Ice, The Good Ice

    Serve up chewable, crunchable, craveable nugget ice that's ready sonic fast and retains its flavor, unlike traditional hard cubes. Refreshing pellet ice made from compacted ice flakes for the perfect cocktails, sodas and other beverages

  • 38 Pounds of Ice Per Day

    Never run out of nugget ice thanks to a large capacity ice maker that makes 1.6 pounds of fresh ice per hour and holds up to 3 pounds at a time.

  • Built-in WiFi and Voice Control

    Easily pair your ice maker’s built-in WiFi with the SmartHQ app to monitor device status and schedule fresh ice. Plus, receive automatic software updates that include the latest ice maker features and access voice control capabilities through Alexa and Google

  • Water Tank

    Eliminate the need for an outside water source with an attached water supply for ice, which allows you to produce up to three times more ice and easily detaches for clean up

  • Batch Made Ice

    Innovative design avoids clumping and leaks by recirculating ice melt to the water reservoir. You'll always have fresh ice on hand thanks to a smart, automatic ice maker that refills when your ice is running low

  • Fresh and Filtered Ice

    Enjoy crisp, clean ice thanks to a cutting edge ice filtration system available for the lower water reservoir and compatible with the filter P4INKFILTER

  • LED Display Screen

    Precision control is available at the touch of a screen thanks to an intuitive LED screen that illuminates when being used and darkens when at rest

TTTronics.com offers a hassle free 15 Day Return Policy starting on the date you received your order. If you desire complete peace of mind, take advantage of our Full Replacement Protection Plan with 3, 6 & 12 month plans available. Add at checkout.

Our Products

TTTronics.com sells name branded OE (Original Equipment) products that are new, open box, discontinued, refurbished, and reconditioned. Products can be listed with or without cosmetic defects. Cosmetic defects are surface imperfections sustained during freight and does not affect the functionality of the item. Defects may include scuffs, scratches, dents or other imperfections.


Each item's condition is listed under the condition tab. This tab contains a detailed description of the exact item you are purchasing. Product conditions can range from Open Box New, Like New, Used Good or Fair Condition. Prices on each item will vary based on its condition. 

Quality Insurance Process

TTTronics.com has acheived a defective return rate  of less than 1%.We have developed a 3 step process to ensure items are functioning properly before listing them for sale. Items are inspected and tested by a TTTronics.com Tech for proper functionality and priced competively for our customers. Our customers save up 50% when shopping with us. Enjoy the savings!

TTTronics.com has served thousands of customers nationwide and has acheived a defective product return rate less than 1%. Shop with confidence with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We guarantee your item as described or your money back guaranteed. Enjoy the savings!

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